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Welcome to the NEW VCU Health Site

VCU Health is an academic medical center that was in need of a ground up site redesign. Their previous site had been developed over time and as a result became disorganized and was confusing for users. Part of the confusion was the manner in which the site was organized, focusing on how the organization saw itself rather than how site visitors desire to find information. This required restructuring the sites Information Architecture, as well as user interface, and design.

Goals of the project: 

  • Redesign site to be reflective of the organization and in keeping with a top tier academic medical center.
  • Develop a better user experience that quickly and efficiently sends visitors to the areas of the site that are most important to them.
  • Develop an integrated way for the client to create internal landing pages that are part of the main site and still brand correct.

One of the challenges with the VCU Health Website was creating a sense of “systemness” between not only the various parts of the Health System, but also with the School of Medicine, and Research.  VCU Health also wanted to provide a way to highlight specific pages with unique designs within the site that could create a destination feel within the larger confines of the site structure.   

About the author

Dean Richardson | Vice President, Account Services

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