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Tracking meaningful goals against hard numbers that drive results

At AVID Design, our process begins and ends with analytics tracking. We believe understanding your site and your user base is the first, most vital step to improving it. Sites that stay still, get stale very quickly. At AVID we regularly run analytics and make constant tweaks to site strategy.
We use a variety of platforms to create a picture of your site’s health, and then work with each client to determine what the site’s initial goals should be. Once your goals are established, AVID develops a plan that can track those goals with sniper-like accuracy.

We look at:

Overall Traffic – Are you attracting a lot of people, or the right people?
Engagement – From requesting an appointment, to clicking on an article to learn more – what gets your users involved on your site?
User Interaction – While developing your site, you made a few guesses about what desktop and mobile users want. Did you guess right? And if not, how can we tweak it?
Custom Metrics - Everyone has something uniquely important to their organization. If you can click it, watch it, or view it, AVID can track it.

Pro-Tip: This is a great time to talk about content

When we track analytics, we often find lots of bulky content that is not engaging and weighs down your site. Luckily for you, at AVID we’ve seen it all before. Our content team has a strategy that can clean up old content and help your site reflect those goals we’ve so carefully crafted.

Let’s talk strategy

No matter what pain points emerge during the analytics process, AVID has an expert that can fix it. Whether you’re due for a design facelift, or you need someone to slash and burn your content (with love!), we always have someone in your corner. Sound like we’re speaking your language? Let’s talk!