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Content Management Systems

Custom Web Content Management Solutions

Bringing control and flexibility to wild wild west of web content management.

AVID Design specializes in harnessing the power and capabilities of a web content management system, while ensuring that your web site user experience and administrative user experience is flexible and easy to use. By applying our "user first" approach to website CMS, AVID Design is able to apply your website branding and digital user experience model to a variety of CMS platform.

  • AVIDCMS - We believe webmasters should not be impeded by a lack of technical background. That’s why the AVIDCMS makes updating your site faster and easier than ever before. We empower our clients to advance their web performance.
  • SharePoint® - SharePoint’s possibilities as a site platform are limitless, but can be intimidating. At AVID, we translate your needs into a focused internal solution or public facing website backed by web best practices.
  • Sitecore - Combined with the xDB platform, Sitecore is the only customer experience platform architected from the ground up as a single solution.
  • Umbraco - Providing an open source platform on the Microsoft ASP.NET technology stack, Umbraco allows your organization to leverage a powerful and secure CMS, without large upfront costs or licenses.
  • WordPress - The #1, most used content management system on the planet, WordPress offers a user friendly platform that combines a huge library of plug-ins, with opportunities for custom solutions and experiences.

The solutions above are just a few of the platforms that AVID Design can use to bring your website to life. Contact us today to learn more about how AVID Design can partner with you to develop a CMS driven website that empowers and propels your site.