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Design/User Experience

Hospital and Healthcare Websites and Intranets that Inspire

Adaptive and Responsive Website and Intranet Designs Proven to Capture Your Audience

Superior healthcare website design includes both visually appealing elements and strategic functionality. At AVID Design, we partner with hospital and healthcare systems to design and develop websites that not only look great, but support your marketing and business objectives, too.

Using time-tested and constantly evolving best practices, our website designs use a strategically focused model to balance:

  • Aesthetics — a look and feel tailored to your hospital's brand
  • Organization — key information is visible and easy to understand
  • Navigation — clean and easy to view for a positive user experience
  • Architecture — a scalable site that fits your exact needs
  • Conversion — areas with optimized content

These best practices result in websites that maximize and improve user experience, page rankings, and ROI.

We've designed award-winning websites for hospital and healthcare systems of all sizes. Our team is experienced with the unique challenges that are natural components of a hospital website design and development, including:

  • A complex range of stakeholders
  • Content management systems (CMS)
  • Multiple, diverse audiences
  • Scalability for multi-phased initiatives
  • Seamless transitions between old and new websites
  • Third party applications

Any project we take on not only embraces these challenges, but also supports our philosophy that a marketing tool should fulfill strategic, creative, and interactive objectives.

AVID Design can help improve your hospital or other healthcare organization's internal communications with a customized intranet design that is functional and user-friendly. Our hospital intranets are designed using industry best practices and standards, including: 

  • Accessibility for all employee levels
  • A clean and simple look and feel
  • Consistent navigation
  • Easy to read text and links
  • An engaging homepage design

AVID Design also has years of experience deploying hospital’s intranet sites on Microsoft SharePoint®.

Your Partner in Hospital and Healthcare Website and Intranet Design Strategy

As a full-service web design group, we have all of the tools to plan, design, develop, and deploy a website using efficient web strategy and design. 

Contact us today to learn more about what AVID Design can do to help improve your website and intranet.